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Our Curry Blends makes your curry coooking snap & easy.

   Our Products- will put a little spice in your life
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Masala Chai - Take a sip and forget about all the problems

Masala Chai Mix
"It is absolutely delicious...."

we are about to show you the way to the "GOURMET MILLENNIUM COOKING IN A SNAP"

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Daal Mix - Lip Smacking  Guaranteed
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Daal Soup



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Yes! no more sweats, no more chopping garlic or ginger, no more 'a pinch of that' or 'a dash of that', just one abra cadabra and whoosh!

What a mouth watering, delicious meal on your table ready like the magical words of the magician.
Can you believe it! there is absolutely no added salt* not ten thousand or even one preservatives or additives added in our products. Everything, completely NATURAL. 
Either you follow our very simple recipe ideas or you just dump everything together in your pot, we are sure that you would be licking the pot after.

*(except offcourse our yummy snack foods)

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All U Need is One- our customers calls them Curries for Dummies

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